DTWF #85 – Nice hoodie!, we said ‘No Crazies’, and less show, more war

We’ve finally recovered enough from Market Days to do a recap! We had so much fun and thanks again to everyone who attended. We’re inspired to do another party again sometime soon.

We also talk about how our new gang met (it sounds a lot like how the old gang met). This one’s a long one, so it might last your commute to work and all the way home!

Links: Shop the iTunes Music Store and support DTWF!

Links: Shop the iTunes Music Store and support DTWF!

14 Responses to “DTWF #85 – Nice hoodie!, we said ‘No Crazies’, and less show, more war”

  1. Crizzer says:

    Shes totally mega!! lol!

  2. Crizzer says:

    i think Jon was quiet in this episode and dan and andrea talked over him alot….and i know that he is in a different state and all but like….noj! lmao!

  3. Sergio says:

    Great show! The DTWF 2.0 cast is really beginning to jive on air. Jon probably seemd quiet since the show was mainly about market days, and he wasn’t there for it.

    Y’all need a Flickr site to illustrate and archive the DTWF experience. And more Andrea boobies!

  4. Andrea says:

    We had some technical difficulties… Jon was actually on his phone while we recorded. Perhaps there was a delay? I maintain there was based on how many takes it took to get the show started but you had to be there. So may-be that is why we talked over Jon a bit. But being who we are and this is how we talk to each other in person, we probably did talk over him.

  5. Jon Cole says:

    Just to let you know, although I am sure you don’t care! but Crater lake is a Giant Volcano in Oregon, and all of the magma dried up, there was a hollow space under the peek, so the peek collapsed creating a crater, it then filled up with water, and the amount of peek that fell back into the inside reformed to magma, came back out and created a little island called wizard island, so that is a little mini volcano inside of it! it is very very beautiful. so theres a noJ from me! Jon, im sure.

    btw, on my myspace profile there is this clip or a girl doing the “funky Chicken Dance” some reason i see that girl with the name Andrea so i think of you Andrea, except she doent have have quite the boobs you do! and also she probably dosnt look anything like you! since i dont know what you look like! but i jus ordered the dvd so i dont know if you guys updated the dvd to include you and Dan so well see!

    ~Jon in Washington State ^.^

  6. Andrea says:

    You are welcome to tell stories like that anytime as far as I am concerned. It was actually quite exciting. For me anyway.

    Oh and about the photo. We didn’t. Sorry!

  7. PJ says:


    I knew I shouldsa came. I was contemplating it, but I was behind on episodes and it was too late to set up a flight. Otherwise I woulda been there for sure. I coulda played the part of security. Oh well…next time, I guess.

    Great show guys! I heard a few spots where there was some weird lil talking in the background…maybe it was just me…and a red car drove by…

  8. BG says:

    Hey guys! You are hilarious. I love listening to your stories and shows! I always get a good laugh! Hopefully sometime I will be able to come and visit at a future event. Keep it up!!

    ps. I am not a crazy!!!

  9. Andrea says:

    We didn’t add a link to the Ad from Aspercreme, but here it is:


    Copy, paste, enjoy, repeat.

  10. Renee from Philly says:

    hahah that Aspercreme ad is FUNNY!! HAR HAR!

  11. Shawn says:

    OK, I’ve been listening to you guys for awhile now and you all have some funny stories, but when you guys started talking about the “blue angels” in Iraq, that was some of the funniest shit I have heard in a long time! I was crying from the laughing so hard! Going to have to listen to that again. Keep it up!

    Orlando, FL

  12. AmberKB says:

    That would be me that asked how y’all met. Good to know someone out there read my e-mail! I was thinking it got lost!

    Funny and hilarious as always!


  13. Jon Cole says:

    I think i found dan… on manhunt.net… but im not sure yet..

  14. Rick says:

    Hey guys (and gal)

    Found your show the other day! I love it.

    As a military/fighter squadron guy, I can tell you that the blue angel pilots are the same guys that rotate in and out of Iraq. It’s a 2-3 year gig for a F/A-18 pilot… They do pick the best guys to fly demo for the Blues, but after 2-3 years they go back to a fleet squadron.

    Also, the maneuvers they “demonstrate” are all based on the training they receive in the aircraft: yea, the routine is designed for the crowd, but the maneuvers are based on basic formation flying, bomb delivery runs, etc. etc.

    Anyway, I’ll be listening! Have fun…

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