DTWF #84 – Bullet-point boycott, bathroom surprise, and then a red truck drove by

Your eyes doth NOT deceive you.. it’s another brand new episode! Why? Well, because we feel bad that things have been a little inconsistent lately and we’re trying hard to win your love back.

There’s some pissing and moaning in this episode.. all connotations intended.

Going to be in Chicago for Market Days? E-mail us for an invite to our kick-ass party on Saturday the 11th!

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(taken with iPhone)

Links: Shop the iTunes Music Store and support DTWF!

12 Responses to “DTWF #84 – Bullet-point boycott, bathroom surprise, and then a red truck drove by”

  1. jesse from cali says:

    wat is crisco? and thank u guys for doing a new podcast so fast. and this episode is so funny. dan voice is so hot : )

  2. Justin says:

    Google is your friend…


    It’s basically a tub of thick, slimy goo that is popular for situations when you need extreme lubrication (not condom compatible!!)

  3. jesse from cali says:

    oh ty i just seen how it looks like in google, and y is it not condom compatible. and that professor is gona come and haunt u all and i wish i could go to the market thing

  4. Mandy says:

    Justin’s letter, and especially Jon’s reaction to the price of a margarita pitcher at the restaurant made me laugh out loud at work. Thank you for your hilarious podcast. It makes my days of working for the obese shrew that I share an office with almost tolerable.

  5. Andrea says:

    I was unable to post a recipe for the last episode so I know I have so making up to do-

    So here is cool pasta salad for a picnic and it’s easy as Dan:

    1lb bowtie pasta cooked and drained.
    1 container pesto sauce(use the one from the refridgerated section that has a more oily appearence.
    sundried tomatoes sliced
    pine nuts.

    Mix cooked pasata with pesto sauce add sliced tomatoes and pine nuts to taste. All done!

    You can also sprinkle in some parm if you like. If you store overnight it can tend to stick all together. Just add a little more pesto or olive oil and mix. It will be just like new!

    For the really brave you can make your own pesto. In a food processor or blender add fresh basil leaves, pine nuts, a couple cloves of garlic a chuck of parm and some olive oil. blend until smooth. Listen, I don’t know the quantities. I do everything by eye and rarely measure and lets face it if you really wanted to make your own pesto you probably don’t need a simple and easy recipe. Although fresh pesto really does make a difference. But I won’t judge you or your salad if you go with the store bought brand. I disapprove…but I AM NOT judging.

    This salad is so easy even Justin could make it..although he won’t.

    If you come to our kick ass party this salad is on the menu!

  6. Eric from Washington says:

    Haha I got on to see if I could subscribe to this website on my google feed reader, (i’m new to RSS feeds), and I was more than pleasantly surprised to see a new episode! I haven’t listened yet and i’m trying very hard not to read the comments already posted in case they give anything away….

    Thanks for updating like this, it just made my day better!

  7. Eric from Washington says:

    Just another thing to add to my last comment, I just discovered that not only did my iTunes download your new episode the day it came out, but I had put the episode on my iPod without even noticing, I had just put a CD on there, and apparently also put up the new episode. Last night I had the strongest desire to listen to a new episode of the show, haha if only I knew!

  8. Donald from Southern California says:

    I kinda believe that most crazy people don’t think of themselves as crazy. So asking the crazy people not to show up at your party is crazy in itself. I dunno… call me crazy.

    It would be really cool if Bianca showed up.

    Hope the party is a blast!

  9. thanks for doing 2 episodes in a row! that was awesome, i appreciate that so much! and congrats to deena for getting married!

  10. Patrick says:

    Imagine my pleasant surprise when I looked in iTunes and found TWO new episodes! Both were most enjoyable, and Justin, kudos on being on the up-and-up about the new iPhoto!

    PS: I think there’s still a technical glitch. Someone’s headphones are perhaps too loud and there’s a faint, delayed echo which suggests Jon’s audio is not fully in sync?

  11. Jon Cole says:

    hey guys! still lovin the show! i ws just wondering though, i dont really know whats going on with the whole “Man Hunt” thing, i think it was jokingly mentioned back around when you got the cock shots for Andrea’s boobs, but, i have a man hunt… a free one, ive actually have had it for a long while, but ive never used it… so is there to any hints on Dans page? how to look for it, all im going off is chicago Illinois! and there are alot of people there!!! le me know 😉


  12. Hey,
    thanks for the extra episode!
    I had to confirm Justin’s feelings on the fudge brownies from domino’s from a few episodes back, you don’t expect it from a fast food joint but they were amazing! i had to save some for my bf (Mark) otherwise they would’ve been inhaled in 5 seconds flat.
    ps- Andrea is great (justin and Jon have always been great [Dan i can’t decide if he’s attractive or not….{judgements are naturally primarily based on this}])
    X Neil

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