DTWF #81 – Justin uses his stick, Andrea does some damage, and the return of Jon

Holy shit.. where the hell have we been?

First.. how about some tits? We always keep our word and you sent in the cock, so here are the boobies!

It’s extra long this week (and so is the show)! Plenty of talk about your favorite topics.. but no howdy do’s this time.. we have to save something for next week!

Until then, here’s a picture of the infamous peach cobbler (see the comments of episode #80 for the recipe!)

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45 Responses to “DTWF #81 – Justin uses his stick, Andrea does some damage, and the return of Jon”

  1. KC in Wisconsin says:

    Great to have you back! I have to say those are some nice tits.

  2. Jon Cole says:

    well here somthing new, i typed this out while i was listening and type pretty much what poped into my head as i was listening, so yeah! sorry if its dumb… and please escuse the spelling errors. enjoy!

    I heart Spice girls!

    seattle pride didnt really have any gaping holes… well at leat inside the parade, as for out side… i couldnt tell you, though there were a few breaks becuase of the busses, but you could tell there were more seattle pararde = about 2hrs long.

    so now that you got it all to show the boobs, when do we get to see the cock shots?

    yay! target! i heart target… and i work there too! we have the bose headphones too just not the sound cancelation

    just waiting for a mouse to jump out and hear a girly scream

    spinache and strawberries?

    well Mount Raineer is in Washington, and i dont think not too far from seattle… i can see it every time i drive there.. very beutifull

    Dane Cook is honestly funny! hey… i think so.

    are you that hairy that it was hard to find the condom? huh?

    and nope never happen, though i dont have THAT much experience either… so… well see.


    sizeable? o.O

    put your hair up, wear glasses… and wear conservitive clothing, see who yo attract then… or maybe just dress really really sluttly and go to a stereotypical place for nerds and then see what happens! i unno…

    you mentioned it in a podcast recently too… i think you did… i remember hearing it… i think… de ja vou?

    Come here little boy… want some candy?

    sometimes if you go too far you have to continue with going through trails and all even if you drop charges….

    yay screams!

    hmm exciting… a new contest!
    aww its over… well cant wait for the next installment!
    oh freaky you just said next installment and i typed the above sentence before you said anything…

    any who… have a good one!

    ~Jon ^.^

  3. Ricardo in GA says:

    Fantastic tits! Love them and always welcome more.

  4. Ed Lover in Boston says:

    I can only imagine what Ichabob Crane would have thought had he seen those babies on the headless horsewoman!! Thanks for the woody. 馃檪

  5. Chris says:

    1) Welcome back, y’all! I’ve missed you all.

    2) Nice tits, Andrea! 馃檪

    3) Congrats on the power fucking, Justin! Heh.

    4) I’ve never had a condom break on me, but I did have my own disappearing condom experience. I looked down, noticed it was missing, and we finally figured out where it had gone: up the other guy’s ass. Ack! Horrors.

  6. BoomChikiboom says:

    andrea you personality jumps off the screen. but you need a new set of kitchen knives.

  7. Nik from the UK says:

    Just listened and I heart your buttholes! Never had a condom break on me. Feedback on the cobbler – first time I’ve made it and it was good, though converting from cups to ounces was taxing for my poor little brain. Can’t wait for the next installment of dining with Andrea. By the way, think those could really do some damage, grrrl!

  8. Oak Park Matt says:

    As a fan of this show, and a member of the probable straight minority, i have to say this show has it’s perks.

  9. Garth says:

    Wow. That episode was TOTALLY worth the wait! Funny as hell. Definitely in the top 10 episodes, if not top 5. Dan’s cock has got to be the next contest. I’ll see if I can make it to Market Days.

  10. Don says:

    Great peach cobbler. Fantastic show. Titties from heaven!

  11. forvajayjaysonly says:

    just wanted to say old time listener and i still love the show…doing a good job

  12. Ani says:

    Andrea, great juggs. You make me all wet even though I’m a straight girl.

    Noj, would you father my children? Well, my other children? lol.

  13. Carol says:

    Just a few quick comments for you:
    1. Loved the episode (I missed you guys)!
    2. Welcome back Jon
    3. I’ll try the peach cobbler this 4th of July…
    4. I’m jealous of Andrea’s boobs…I’m (what it feels like) 15 months pregnant and mine still don’t look that nice

  14. BoomChikiboom says:

    if the camera adds 10 pounds, i think andrea had 2 ample cameras on her.

  15. Jo InThe Rough says:

    I am the one that picked out those sunglasses thank you very much, and there is nothing womenly about them. It is not my fault, that you do not have taste!

  16. i kinda got the impression that you guys thought that one of the “anonymous” or “thankful” people was me. trust me, first of all it was NOT me and second i am WAY too nice and not assertive enough (much like jon) to say anything like that. as far as this whole thing with deena leaving, i understand, she had to leave, its a sad thing but understandable, and i congratulate her on her upcoming marriage, and you guys are doing a FANTASTIC job without her, and i really didnt understand what the fuss was about not getting a show out, you guys are busy and when you have time you will put out a show. i do miss when you guys havent put out a show out for a while, but im not gonna complain. life is busy and i completely understand that.

    so keep up the great work guys!!!! this episode was awesome, jon was particularly funny this time, weird as that sounds!!!!!!

  17. jon says:

    Amber, sorry that you got that impression. I wasn’t trying to make you think we thought it was you, I just like the fact that your town rhymes with that word for the bojingo.

    Ani? I did so much pot in college my boys probably don’t swim too good, plus they’re undoubtedly gay swimmers (I think I just indicated that my sperm were tall and lean and looked good in speedos).

  18. Andrea says:

    I know, it does look like the camera adds 10 pounds. Even I didn’t know my boobs were that big! I had to ask Justin and Dan why they didn’t tell me…they of course thought I knew.

    And Jo you do have taste, they are hot glasses…on me…on Justin not so much! Trust me when I tell you that I am not the only one who thinks so. that being said, I have to thank you because you are my ambassador of Burberry sunglasses.

    My recipe for Spinach Strawberry salad will arrive shortly…it seems odd but I promise it is one of the most refreshing summer salads ever!

  19. PJ says:

    OMFG, those ta ta’s are huge, and usually I am not a gay man fascinated by boobies, but GD! Congrats, and to all the str8 guys out there, I’m sure they’re enjoying the view.

    Now to post the cock shots…lol

  20. Xan says:

    At first glance I could have sworn those were my boobs on the website. I even have a bra that looks the same. Is there a such thing as boob dopplegangers?

  21. Nik from the UK says:

    Boob doppelganger? hmmm… a double or apparition of amazing breasts sometimes thought to be an omen of imminent back ache…

  22. Cynthia says:

    I just need to say, Andrea’s bras must be amazing if they can hold those breasts up (and they hold up beautifully I might add). I want to know the brand.
    Peace, love, and candybars,
    P.S. Jon, honey, you’re comments are weird as hell (the whole brown people thing), but they make me giggle. By the way, I was one of the people who said you sounded straighter in India, and it scared me (your voice is back to normal so I’m happy)

  23. Cat says:

    Further proof that the show is as great as ever. I don’t miss Deena a bit! Thanks for making my work days more amusing!

  24. German says:

    Thanks for the mamm… Wait, it’s been done. Great boobs!

  25. no problem jon, thats ok, no worries…. i understand, regina does sound funny, even to me and ive lived here my whole life!!!! but thanks for clarifying i appreciate that, and im glad to hear your voice is back to its normal gay self!!!!

  26. Kevin says:

    Though I’m gay, I’m not sure which to like more: that peach cobbler or Andrea’s boobies.The web-page takes so much longer to load now ;D

  27. Patrick says:

    Wow, great show! And even nicer dinners! So what do we have to do to see Andreas’s ass?

  28. KC in Wisconsin says:

    I second the motion!

  29. Andrea says:

    There will be no showing of the ass….that is a strictly “in person” gig.

  30. Andrea says:

    The Bra is flexees although normally a Maidenform chick. With big boobs stay away from the “secret” their bras blow and are only suitable if it is going to be removed shortly after you put it on. 馃槈

  31. Sergio in DC says:

    Wow, what gorgeous boobs, Andrea!!! Two more things to add to the list of reasons I’ll miss Chicago.

    Great show…where’s the new one? 馃檪

  32. Pre-show comment:

    Whoa….tits! Now, hows about we get a look at Deena’s snatch? She always said ‘Hot pussy’….I think it’s high time she backed it up.

  33. Bianca says:

    I’ll put my real name because i’m not the only one who feels this way. I’ll be the martyr.

    Andrea(h), i hate how people pronounce their names that way… unless you were born that way… your name is Andrea. Your tits are huge, i must agree… the show has not been the same since your official arrival.

    Before your official arrival; the only show i didn’t like was that random one that you were on.

    I miss Deena… my favorite all time line of her’s was “2.1 isn’t baaaad” (sung to the tune of “Beautiful”) in reference to the Hot or Not show

    Andrea, you are pompous and not cool (at least not to me).

    I also do not like how your (the entire casts’) episodes are now a month a-fucking-part!!!

    I used to count the moments until your next show. I was even apart of your “unnofficial” myspace group. Shit… i still am. They’re so far apart that i’ve almost forgotten about DTWF. You should chage it to D-WTF… “Damn – when the fuck” is the next show? August?!? I only remembered that your show still existed because your whines still echo in my head Andrea(h). “oh my gawd”.

    Now i’m just hoping that i will get a hopeless “howdy-do”… or even a “howdy-fuck you” so i can finally unsubscribe.

  34. Andrea says:

    Don’t count on it.

    Oh and by the way, I was born with that pronounciation, just ask my Mom and all my friends.

    Anyway my recipe of the week is Strawberry Spinach Salad….
    路 2 tablespoons sesame seeds
    路 1/2 cup white sugar
    路 1/2 cup olive oil
    路 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar
    路 1/4 teaspoon paprika
    路 1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
    路 1 tablespoon minced onion
    路 10 ounces fresh spinach – rinsed, dried and torn into bite-size pieces
    路 1 quart strawberries – cleaned, hulled and sliced
    路 Dash Tabasco

    1. In a bowl, whisk together the sugar, olive oil, vinegar, paprika, Worcestershire sauce, onion, and Tabasco. Cover, and chill for one hour.
    2. In a large bowl, combine the spinach, strawberries. Pour dressing over salad, and toss. Sprinkle with Sesame Seeds. Refrigerate 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

    Changes and substitutions that are possible:
    You can add poppy seeds, almonds, pecans, or walnuts. You can omit the hot sauce. Use white or red wine vinegar or vegetable oil instead of white vinegar and olive oil. I use dried minced onion but it is also good fresh, use a Vidalia if possible. You can also add other types of lettuce to add volume, but make sure it is mostly spinach. Above all, do not skip the part where you let the dressing set for an hour and overnight is better if possible. Mix the dressing thoroughly together before using. This salad does not store well, so only mix up what you are going to eat.

    We will be recording this Sunday and promise to post pictures of the food.

    Hope all is well with everyone and look it’s only two weeks apart, we are getting better as our schedules start to jive.

    All my breasts,

  35. Andrea says:

    Oh by the way…Thanks for having balls…although they are not bigger than mine!

  36. susie says:

    Dan – you are great.

    You’re quiet, but when you do pipe up, it’s comedy gold. I don’t know what you look like, but I picture the really innocent dude from 30 Rock and Talladega Nights. Fantastic.


    Jon, welcome home!

  37. DeeDee says:


  38. Bre says:

    Yeah! I’m so happy that Jon is back from India! I missed you!

  39. Jacob says:

    Hey all. To Justin and Dan, it was great meeting you guys! Thank ya’ll so much for taking us out around Chicago and for showing us a great time! To Andrea, ya missed out. : P For the strawberry spinach salad, my mother loves to make a salad similar to this with a poppyseed dressing. We also use pecans (pronounced “puh-cahns”) but we carmalize them in sugar first. Mmmm….

  40. Phil from Boston says:

    If you don’t like it move on and shut up.

    Love the recipes. Keep them coming.

  41. Andrea says:

    Thanks for coming to my defense. Thank goodness I am not sensitive. But to show my gratitude, I’ll let you pick the type of recipe I post next week. What do you think: appiteaser, salad, main dish, cake, cookie, bars, casserole? email us or post right on the comment board. I am all about making my peeps happy.

  42. Katen says:

    I was at my work and I am the only girl and the only girl intern on my floor. I was so bored so I thought I would check DTWF if they put any new episodes up. The page loads and OMG THERE WERE BOOBS so I screamed out so everyone turned and looked at me so I quickly closed the site and stood up, looked around and walked away.
    hahaha thanks for the great moment.

  43. Morgan says:

    OMG katen that is the most amazingly funny thing i’ve heard. i almost had a similar situation happen to me.

  44. Morgan says:

    so i just noticed that Bianca said that she would “be the martyr.”
    does that mean she’s dead now? because if i remember correctly, you need to die to be a martyr… correct me if i am wrong.

  45. Amelia Tyler says:


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