DTWF #79 – Andrea is in the kitchen, travel tips, and amateur porn

Here you go.. another installment of “I can’t Belize it’s not Deena!”

More updates from India, our best voicemail ever, and lots of other things that are completely different from 3 episodes ago.

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13 Responses to “DTWF #79 – Andrea is in the kitchen, travel tips, and amateur porn”

  1. Cynthia says:

    I’m the first to comment on this? YAY! This pleases me. Anyway, I would be an intern (I need some type of “work” experience), if I could do it via the internet. Let’s face it, I’m stuck in Tucson for at least a year.
    Peace, Love, and Candybars

  2. Jo InThe Rough says:

    Did Morgan see my DTWF sticker? If so, I demand compensation! A howdy-do, and a visit will suffice.

  3. Jon Cole says:

    I’m only Half way through the podcast right now, but i need to get going and get my haircut before i go to work! but i thought that i would just let you know that R.O.T.C. stands for Reserves Officer Training Corps… i know this for I am in an N.J.ROTC which is Naval Junior! and I LOVE to spin Rifles! reminds me of Cadet Kelly! 😛 anyways have fun, i might put another post after I finish the podcast!

  4. Chris says:

    Jon Cole: I imagine they were talking about this ROTC instead:

  5. Jon Cole says:

    wow, thats awesome, i had no clue about that, its like a GAY ROTC, I LOVE IT! thanks for telling me!

  6. AmInIowa says:

    If I send in a picture of a rooster, does that count as a cock?

  7. Dan says:

    “Am” Only if that rooster is sitting on your cock.

    Jon, sorry but Chris is correct…it is the cheap boosing Righteously Outragious Twirling Corps we were discussing. What they lack in quality booze they make up for in entertainment.

  8. Kim Fal says:

    Oh dear lord I am sitting here in work listening to the podcast (I know I’m a little late) pretending to be using my dictaphone and I seriously just spit out a mouthful of water listening to that crazy ass voicemail! Dude, that is the funniest shit I have ever heard!!

    “Holla atchya later, peeeeeeeeeeace”!!!

  9. BoomChikiboom says:

    does any one blog boozed up? I have finally perfected my straight up Margarita. wow what a drink . . . its a drink so nice i made it twice.

  10. BoomChikiboom says:

    oh and the show was nice too. i guess . . .

    nah you guys are great, andrea too. . . really though

  11. Jerry says:

    Well the world didn’t end. And the show is still my first pick when I update my Ipod. So I guess life goes on. I would however like to see some cookie recipes posted. Or maybe some nice party snacks . . .

  12. Garth says:

    Dan should be a regular. He eases my Deena withdrawal significantly.

  13. Renee from Philly says:

    I love and adore Miss Deena, but I really like Andrea’s accent!!

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