DTWF #73 – My Little Pony, feminine napkins, and fleecing Las Vegas

Andrea is back, haters! We talk about controlling sweat, fashion fleece, and revisit the topic of pony tail buttplugs!

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15 Responses to “DTWF #73 – My Little Pony, feminine napkins, and fleecing Las Vegas”

  1. Chad says:

    Ok I asked this question to Justin and he never answered me even though he told me he would answer it along with a few other questions. Maybe someone here can help me. Why would two gay guys and one straight girl describe something as hot pussy. I would think hot cock or something along those lines would be better. Hopefully someone can finally answer this question.

  2. Cris says:

    Great show! Glad to hear Andrea joining in again.
    If we’re talking about sweat a coworker has found prescription strength deodorant for her use so she doesn’t have to go to the doctors to get a prescription from him. Does that seem excessive or is it just me?
    By the way, I hate the word ‘coupon’ pronounced with a Q. But that’s no where near as bothersome sounding as ‘feminine napkin.’

  3. you know i feel bad that i have to give you guys shit AGAIN!!! Toronto is nowhere NEAR the middle of Canada, I live in the middle of Canada, or what would be considered to be the middle of Canada. Jeez!!! do i need to come down there and give you guys a geography lesson?!!!!! well i guess now i would need a freakin passport for that, which i think is ridiculous, just when i turn 21 and can actually drink down there, they have to change that whole thing, just my luck! but ive been told your beer is nothing compared to ours, so i doubt i would be drinking that, its one of my favorite drinks up here, Molson Canadian.

  4. Jon says:

    Amber come to Portland. The beer is good here…we even have several with Amber in their titles.

  5. Mark from Sydney says:

    Apparently I am from the Northeast. New York City particularly. This is of course not correct, but interesting.

    Just wanted to say that I love the addition of Andrea. Defintely sounds like someone I could have a beer with.

  6. Kallalily says:

    Hey Jon, I had a friend in Portland take me “Stark Street Stalking” when I was there. Portland is beautiful, even when it rains.

  7. Cory says:

    Thanks for the advice on the Shettland Ponytail butt plugs, I will look into those.

  8. Andrums says:

    Hello Gang!
    I was listening to your podcast! I have listened since episode 20 and I enjoy it every week. Speaking of small towns and their self-proclaimed names of greatness. I lived in Portales, NM they called themselves, “The peanut capital of the world.”

    Andrums in the Salt Lake Shitty.

  9. Justin says:

    Oh Amber.. you’re so patient with us! 🙂 As wrong as it is, I always picture TO as more central because it seems to close to Chicago. I have to actually think about it to realize how far east it really is. 🙂

  10. tiny says:

    you guy rock and can plz i get a howdy do

  11. thats ok, and thanks for getting the humor in what im saying, and i must say i am truly not REALLY offended or anything like that, i am just bugging you guys because you guys are just so geographically unaware, its cute to me, but i must admit before working for cingular i honestly didnt know the states geography that well, so thats one good thing that has come from this job!!! but i really would like to go to Chicago sometime, i have never been to a play before and you guys make it sound so good that i really wanna go see a good one, im sure the one’s here aren’t that great, so i’d rather go see one in a big city. and of course meet you guys!!! i cant wait to get the DVD, im so excited!!!!

  12. and jon, i will think about going to portland, there are a few beers here with the name Amber in them too!!! but they are usually the specialty beers that you find in restaurants.

  13. Jon Cole says:

    Just a shout out to you guys, just letting you know that im really enjoying the show! I had just recently boughten my iPod and just found out about the podcast functions. Also, i wanted to say, ive only listen to the most recent episode My Little Pony, feminine napkins, and fleecing Las Vegas, and i wanted to say that the things in the grass, as was refered to as Jiggers… they are actually called Chiggers (spelling is probably incorect(though my spelling isnt usually the best anyways)) any ways, again, lovin the show, cant wait for the next!

    ~Jonathan “Jon” Cole
    Near the seattle area!

  14. Bully says:

    That panty liner in the armpits thing is an old trick this friend of mine in SF would use when he wanted to wear a tank top under a heavy leather jacket when he was hanging out at the Eagle. Tres butch hah. And speaking of feminine napkins, I got paddled for putting them in peoples desks during lunch in the 6th grade. The girls I hung out with discovered the nickel machine in the nurses office and we thought it would be a good idea to put a bunch of them inside peoples desks during lunch.

  15. BoomChikiboom says:

    I know Andrea gets asked all the time, but for the good ol’ happy days will she show her boobs. Not because i haven’t seen boobs, but because I haven’t seen her boobs.

    I can show you something of interest in exchange.


    SD, CA

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