DTWF #69 – Wigging out, down on Cooch Street, and shaving Hitler

For those of you who were skeptical, here’s our next show (on time!) since our little vacation. Andrea joins us this week and shares stories of her very own dead grandma. Lots of vaginal talk in this episode, so ladies take notes! Vaginal health is very important.

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18 Responses to “DTWF #69 – Wigging out, down on Cooch Street, and shaving Hitler”

  1. susie says:

    No comments on your 69th podcast??

    I haven’t even LISTENED to it, and I feel obligated to comment on it for the dirtyness of the number alone.

    69. Tee hee.

    Summer drink: Gin and Tonic
    Winter drink: Black Russians

  2. Alain says:

    Thanks for Overheard in New York!

  3. InsaneMusk says:

    I think everyone’s shocked and saddened by the news that for a time, the terrific trio will be a delightful duo…

    That’s my opinion though. I could be wrong.

  4. Nathan says:

    I have to agree with Jon—the new “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is much better than the old. But it’s probably just because I was easily scared as a kid, and I’m not anymore. Bad memories is bad memories. Besides, Johnny Depp is much cuter than Gene Wilder ever was (or is, I think he’s still alive).

  5. Bryanna says:

    I loved this episode. One of the best! You guys should be Andrea back!

  6. Robert Berry says:

    What a lovely episode! Andrea fits in pretty organically, and balances the masculine/feminine ratio quite well, finally putting someone on Jon’s side.

    Oh no I di-in’t!

    Anyway, damn fine show. I want some Cherry Chip cake now!

  7. Todd says:

    Hey this message is for Andrea; I also grew up in Rockton!! Since we are close in age I would imgine we went to school together as well. Who would have ever guessed so much could have come out of that small town.

  8. Scott says:

    Hey there,
    Thank you for the howdydoo… and yes, I know I sound a bit overboard when I rant about Sams Club, but all Costco people do. Anyhoo, I hope all is well and a side note for Justin… do not be good in Vegas, it is not meant for that… and Jon, I too can be a bit of an annoying story teller (I have the horrible habbit of nit-picking the small insignificant details of my story until I am completely off point, oh well). Take care gang.


  9. Emily from Baton Rough says:

    Jon: Just yesterday I was looking at Chesterfields on eBay and rambling on and on about them. My boyfriend said, “Does everyone call them that? Like the full name?”
    Later we went to my parents’ house and my mother proceeded to talk about the old furniture. No Davenports in our family, but we have Tomlinsons. Noj.

    Oh, I wanted to say, in Louisiana we have 3 ways of saying names: the french way, the english way, and the bastardized french/cajun way. It’s confusing, and I’ve been here all my life.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Loves it! Not only did you mention my birthplace; Davenport. And where I used to live; Rockton. But I got a close to a howdy do as I ever have in referring to me as Jon from Indianapolis, “Christmas Card Jon.” You guys have to come for a visit, no visit to Aunt Barb needed. I hope Justin gets to see the card soon! Love the show, Jonathan!

  11. Patrick says:

    Love the Parker Lewis Can’t Lose reference! Also, not entirely related to this episode, but I thought y’all might enjoy The Ultimate Fart Soundboard. I swear that the “Trumpeteer” came right out of Deena. Her mouth, that is.

  12. chad says:

    howdy doo
    deena your the coolest member of the podcast, you are so funny unlike john.
    i had a dream (a crazy dream) that john was andy dick.and justin was also andy dick(the actor) but fatter,and deena was wanda sykes.its was crazy you were all fighting over cake(no ofense)and then deena shot john and strangled justin.i then woke up. howdydone bye
    p.s. that dream was very weird!!

  13. Carol (of the tranny pants, remember?) says:

    Love the episode… never heard of cherry chip cake though… Anyway, the comment this chad dude left was so mean… Everybody on the show is funny, just in different ways. There’s nothing quite as funny as a pointless, seemingly endless story finished with a NOJ. =)

    Favorite drink: Usually Absolut Mandarin with Cranberry Juice, but I got knocked up again so now it’s Dr. Pepper =P

  14. Eric says:

    I agree with Carol, that comment was rude. Jon is one of my three favorite people on DTWF…

    Haha but he has told us some of the most memorable stories such as the crazy Jeanette girl, and of coursethe whole Harpreet go to hell deal!

    I love you all equally, and I’m also wondering where the new episode is? Did I miss something on the last one explaining a possible absense? Is it because Justin and Deena are in Vegas? Oh well I can certainly wait for the next one!

    Love you guys!


  15. Jon says:

    We were delayed this week in getting our show out, but we’ll have a new one posted soon. Chad, I guess I will take solace in knowing that if I’m not the funny one on the show, at least I know how to spell people’s names. Thanks everybody.

  16. jay says:

    Apparently I have a “Fargo” accent – now what is up with that?

  17. Kim says:

    Ok, I guess I’m the only one, but I can’t stand the sound of Andrea’s voice and I don’t like the podcast with her on it. She adds nothing and just steps on everyone else’s comments.

    I don’t do new people.

  18. Jonathan says:

    The accent quiz worked for me, which I find amazing. And, BTW, I love Andrea on the show.

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