DTWF #5 – Breakfast Chromosomes, Urine-nation, and Trucker Bombs!

On this week’s program, we learn about gaseous anomalies, surprising drinks for homeless people, ICE, ICE baby (just in case of emergency) and the vocal stylings of the DTWF crew. Also, Deena reminds us that Roman numerals shouldn’t be used by the inexperienced, Justin reveals himself to be a snacky driver, and Jon introduces us to his first 9 county story (of course it ends with a noj) We will also pay homage to our loved ones who have gone before us.

9 Responses to “DTWF #5 – Breakfast Chromosomes, Urine-nation, and Trucker Bombs!”

  1. OKay, so I call y’all last night to leave a message, and much to my surprise, Justin answers. So I was totally star struck, and barely held up my end of the conversation. Pathetic! Either way, Justin, Justo, Sezzy voice young man. Luvvin the everything of your voice.

    OKay, so Deena, i have a question for you dahling…

    What do you think of the term Fag Hag? My friend nia hates it. She freaks out anytime she hears it. So…What are your thoughts?

    Off to go shape minds and warp morals!
    Iowa Representative

  2. Deena says:

    How kind of you to represent the whole state of Iowa – that’s a public service in soooo many ways.

    Hmm.. sounds like the term ‘fag hag’ needs to be discussed on a future show. Look for a mention in #6!

  3. Justin says:

    Nate… you’re making me blush! It was nice to get to chat with you, and I was honored to be able to chat with someone so fun.. thanks for all the support, DTWF needs Iowa!

  4. Jason says:

    So I just got home and listened to Podcast #5 on the way home – and dammit I have got to stop listening to you while I am in public! If I am not careful I may be Skyp’in you to come break me out of the looney-bin.

    Thanks for makin the “commute” all that more enjoyable – not just for me – but the people on the bus that thought I was crazy when I started “spontaneously” laughin…..

  5. Jon says:

    I’ve always found that people who act crazy on trains, busses, Els, etc are usually not crazy, but just people who want to sit alone. So, if we can give just that much to you with our podcast, it’s our pleasure to do so.

  6. Jason says:

    Hey never really thought of it that way – ok then next time I won’t try to be so “reserved” maybe I will get a better seat and a bit more space!

  7. Iowa's big Mo: nate says:

    i make you blush? oh sweety!

  8. Hello Crew @ DTWF… I love your podcast!

    You guys are so funny… and drunk… I love it.

    Keep up the good work… Perhaps we can figure out some sort of fag hag exchange program.

    spankin’ bitches later!

  9. I have to agree with Jason – I travel all over Michigan, Indiana and Northern IL and I copied your shows to cd and listened to them this week and there were too many times where I laughed out loud. I am sure that many people are going to think I am crazy but who gives a shit! 🙂

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