DTWF #57 – Justin mispronounces Braddon’s name, did you say “cocksucker”?, and Hurd It!

Having fun in Macomb (you all know where that is), so no witty write-up tonight. Enjoy!

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12 Responses to “DTWF #57 – Justin mispronounces Braddon’s name, did you say “cocksucker”?, and Hurd It!”

  1. Eric says:

    Here are some ” ….looks like”s that I found to be amusing!

    “Jon looks like a black Fraggle who escaped from a mental institution on Mars..”

    “Deena looks like a Sunday School teacher”


  2. Natalie says:

    Thanks for the howdy do! I’m sure that all of the Africans appreciated it as well! I made everyone in the office listen….which is only 3 people including myself.

  3. Marcus says:

    Marcus needs a family which will take pride in his African American heritage and provide opportunities for him to feel connected to Africa

    Marcus needs a refuge from the sadness at home.

    Marcus needs someone that will tell him things that normal kids talk about and what normal kids wear.

    Marcus needs to learn how to exploit the weak


    Marcus needs to go and play in Canada or Europe for at least a year

  4. Paul says:

    Love it…another fabulous episode. Oh and regarding the HeadOn Lady, I’ve never heard her, but I’ve heard her recorded on Nobody Likes Onions, and they attach different audio to the end of what she says, and some of it is hilarious.

    I’m more than willing to help with any graphics stuff you need, to the extent of my abilities, so let me know. I’m very meticulous when it comes to that sort of thing, so you can be sure you’ll get quality schtuff. But yeah, so I might be leaving a voicemail soon. Since I’m finally getting motivated in that vein to actually be more proactive in the podcasts I listen too.

    Oh and if I ever buy any music legally, I’ll be sure to buy it through iTunes after clicking on your “link”.


    Oh and…

    Paul Needs…

    …a haircut!

    …free music downloads


  5. Patti D. says:

    Laughing my arse off at these Google results! Thanks so much for the tip! Love ur butt holes!

    Patti looks like she’s raided Aretha’s closet and she gives Aretha a run for her money as the hippo of soul.
    patti looks like a drunk prostitude
    Patti looks like a drag queen
    Patti looks like she’s dead but just won’t lay down.
    Patti looks like she’s been melted and poured into whatever she is wearing.
    Patti looks like she is a medium on the top and a large or x-large on the bottom.

  6. Adam says:

    thanks for the howdy do!
    i love that text to speach thing my and my friends have been messing around
    for a while now….

  7. Eric says:

    Pshhhht you can only use that Text to Talk thing like 10 times before they ask for money….hot dang. I was just starting to have fun on it…

  8. Sergio says:

    thanks for the heads up, guys. I didn’t realize the internet was so full of polarized opinions about me! They either wish me all sorts of physical harm, or support me to no end.

    Sergio needs….

    …a smacking
    …a kick in the ball sack.
    …someone to cool him down.
    …stool softener
    …to be careful what he wishes for
    …a Grown Man to Hold his Hand

    …the ball in his hands to really be effective
    …our support. so altogether now ‘Go Sergio!’
    …to take a long vacation. Chill, go to Jamaica,
    …a hot asian chick to blow him to release some form of life other than his craziness that he possess inside him

    …to remember is there’s nothing wrong with being a fun – loving kid with a bright future and a 1000 – watt smile

  9. Vikram says:

    Awesome hahahah

  10. jesse says:

    well that was my 1 st time ever listing to u guys and hell u guys are funny. i clicked it thinking it was going to be 3 dumb ppl talking about stupid stuff and being stupid and i was right because thats all u guys do and i love it i am putting all the podcast on my comp i was listening to ur podcast in class and was trying to hold in the laughter but when guys started talking about jon boyfriends myspace and then headed in to the howdy do and i think it was jon who started hearing african ppl talk and i died i got introuble cuz i inturupted the class but i think it was worth it

  11. Gerry says:

    You are all great
    im just getting started with podcast yours was the first i downloaded

  12. Shanee says:

    looks like….i have nothing better to do
    shanee needs…..a life

    sad but true

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