DTWF #53 – penetrating the straights, a smokin’ weddin’, and our one year anniversary

Better late than never. This one is fresh out of our buttholes.. and chocked full of anniversary celebration!

5 Responses to “DTWF #53 – penetrating the straights, a smokin’ weddin’, and our one year anniversary”

  1. First off, I WILL TOTALLY BUY MERCH! That’s hawt!(paris hilton style)
    love you,
    love your buttholes
    dont ever leave my iPod, i’d die! I WOULD JUST DIE!
    Love you

  2. well worth the wait…and may I just say…about f’in time!! Oh and I totally listened to this episode on my new 80gig…hate me…go on, you know you want to. Or not…

    I’m guessing…and I’m just gonna throw this out there…that the secret special gift is….a photograph…of…you guys…yeah…ok, that’s it..

    btw…I’ve started using the phrase “hot pussay” with my bf and he’s using it with his friends…we’re passing it around.

  3. Jo in the Rough says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!! Y’all are so famous now! I can say I knew y’all when…. Heh! I’m anxiously awaiting the release of DTWF the box set, collectors edition/directors cut/un-rated version/with special segments never before heard in the US! LURVE you ALL ( even though jon doesn’t want to talk to me on the AIM, didn’t come see me in the Rough, and will not be there when I come to the Greater Chicago Land AREA (GCLA) )


  4. David says:

    Yay – Jon is staying. My iPod can breathe a sigh of relief and continue to supply me with funny yet pointless stories – I’m so excited!

  5. Butholes,

    We just stumbled across your podcast via podcastdirectory.com and it is some of the funniest shit either of us has heard. Thanks for the laughs.It helps the work day go faster.

    Much Love,
    Braddon & Matthew

    p.s. when I lived in Houston I met a tranny(get your gun) named H.P.

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