DTWF #51 – Pussies on parade, gambling tips, and hot meat sauce

Stories from our nation’s capital and Canadia. Take a number and wait for your turn to laugh. Our third week with new “level booster 2006” technology, you won’t have to turn your iPod up all the way to hear us!

10 Responses to “DTWF #51 – Pussies on parade, gambling tips, and hot meat sauce”

  1. RUSTY RIM! Had to stop the show due to fits of on the floor laughter. Thank you so much. You have no idea…

  2. jay says:


    OMIGOD I so felt you rubbing my arm last night!

  3. Johnny says:

    I just sent you guys an email. Brilliant episode. I’m sure some clips of this will be included in you’re next “best of” show (if you do one of those, which would be kinda cool.) In about a week, DTWF will be a year old. Me and some of my friends who listen are actually having a party with people from our area who listen. Stay awesome.


  4. Cris says:

    Thanks for the howdy doo! Yes, I am a guy and a Jon-fan (if we’re choosing sides). I was just in your fair city over the Labor Day weekend. I love it. I even love using the train to get around. Does that make me sick in the head?

  5. Damien, nz says:

    That howdy doo made mt day peoples.
    If it was for me.
    Please tell me it was for me….
    Yes, I am paranoid.

  6. otterpop says:

    one of my favorite episodes and i’ve been listening from the beginning…funny from start to finish…

  7. Candy Minx says:

    Hi, I think I am your NEW BEST FRIEND!!!

    You were in Canada at the bar, Hair of the Dog and gave Tiff your site and e-mail. I am in Chicago…and she said you are going to be my new best friend!

    Look forward to checking out your site ehre and getting to know ya!

  8. Amazing as always…

    Oh and my parents used to have a bag phone. Always fun lugging that around, and to think I felt honored when they gave it to me because they upgraded to a car phone. One that snapped into a holder in the front and had an amplifier sized transmitter mounted in the rear of the car. FAAAABBBULLOUUUUUSSSSS

    Oh and this summer I wen to the OH, PA, NY area, and roamed into Canada…yeah…Never have a 60 minute phone call with your bf while you’re in Canadia, because that shit is pricey. That phone call was $53.69 or right around $.87 per minute. I should be so lucky as to have had it only be $.50…the extra cost for those minutes, would’ve only been $54 as opposed to the $94.97 that I got charged…whee…I love Canadia….bastards!

    (btw for those Canadians reading, that’s about $400 in your money)

    Yay, thx for the shout out btw, I’m glad Jon already got to use his. =)

    And yay for the extra long episode…they always seem to just fly by.

  9. jay says:

    Candy Minx – I gotta tell ya Tiff is the best chair mover I have EVER seen. The way she hoists those chairs over her head without even the slightest grimace is a Hereculean feat! You must be so proud.

  10. Carol says:

    I just started listening a couple of weeks ago and I’m hooked.

    This episode almost killed me…I listen in my car and was literally crying from all the laughing, my vision blurred and I almost hit another car… oops. I guess I would have been your first fatality.

    Unfortunately I have a 2 yr. old who’s about to get potty trained. Last night I stood in the diaper aisle at Target and had a fit of giggles. I was buying “tranny pants” for my son for the first time.

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