DTWF #49 – Aural sex, birthday postmortem, and southern hospitality

Thank you for your patience (and your patients). A little late, but every bit as juicy and wonderful as you’ve come to expect. Birthday parties, lots of travel talk, and blowjobs make this an episode you won’t want to miss!

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7 Responses to “DTWF #49 – Aural sex, birthday postmortem, and southern hospitality”

  1. Chriz says:

    Like always you guys came up ith an excellent episode, i love the druken people of Greensburrow, it was just hilarious, and Deena’s party seemed like a major hit too 😛 so yeah keep it up love you three.

  2. A bottle of Vodka shaped like a cock…with the veins.

    I guessed $27 on the tab, $5 for each beer, $8 for the LI, $3 soda, and $6 for the last drink. Yay, I ween, I ween!

    BTW, Justin, you’re welcome on the myspace thing, I hoped it works out for ya. I’ve been messing around with layouts on there for a while, so if you have any questions drop me a line. Unfortunately, MySpace doesn’t do anything so nice as to actually name certain parts of the page, so you can just CSS them to your hearts content, but there usually are ways to work around stuff.

    Loved the show this week, what are the plans for when Jon bails on ya? A continuous stream of guesthosts? Jon from afar? A new host who will be renamed “Jon”?

  3. Bob says:

    You guys coming to Boston is the hottest pussy I’ve heard all month!!! Hopefully we’ll get to meet up and have some fun!!


  4. Ray says:

    Great show, but where are the pics of Jon’s bruised ass?

  5. Jon says:

    Sorry Ray, but the pics didn’t turn out too well. My bruise wasn’t dark enough to show up well without a close up. I couldn’t feasibly show the bruise without exposing my boy bidness to everyone. Maybe next injury…

  6. Yael says:

    Jon I liked ur Vince “beans” joke, it WAS funny.

  7. Eric says:

    I also enjoyed the “beans” joke! Maybe if Justin and Deena got it faster they’d laugh more…hmm, well I laughed!

    Great episode, I can’t wait for the next one!

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