DTWF #46 – sex with animals, Dan’s closeted uncle, and pornapalooza

Happy birthday to Jon! He couldn’t make it tonight, but Dan sits in. Lots of talk of porn, sex, and a little poop and death for good measure!

Links: How not to launch a bottle rocket.

8 Responses to “DTWF #46 – sex with animals, Dan’s closeted uncle, and pornapalooza”

  1. gary says:

    That bottle rocket vid made my day. God bless America! (And happy birthday Jon, Deena, and Dan!)

  2. jay says:

    I thought this episode would never come out – thought that you had forgotten again 😉

    I guess that has more to do with the fact that yesterday was the first sunday I had off in 2 months so i was anxious for the release!

    Now I just have to wait for the “sexy” construction guys across the street to lose their jack-hammers so I can listen to the show….

  3. Jason says:

    I definately think that shooting a bottle rocket out of ones ass should be a new olympic sport. That vid was too funny!!

    Oh yeah, and who eats a sweddish meatball Smart One for breakfast, unless I missed a trend that is starting, oh well I’ll stick to Total.

    Great show guys keep up the good work, and Happy Birf-dee to Deena, Dan, and Jon!!

  4. Video…funny…good ‘n stuff. Quotable quotes “Pull your sack up so it sticks out” classic

    That boy had done that before too, cuz he was just jamming that thing right in there.

    It’s good to hear that Deena isn’t a big sweater, maybe a pullover, but never a sweater.

    “Shutup and eat your cheese…”? *disturbed*

    Justin you should get some podcast sex, then Jon will be the last one left to get some, and that won’t happen, since he has his biggun. 😉

    Another great episode! Love it as always and rue the days between now and the next one…OH the impatience!!

  5. Alain says:

    I thought I was alone on the straight porn thing.
    I now have a new podcast boyfriend.
    Based solely on that, of course.
    But I’m okay with it.

  6. Sergio says:

    This company in the burbs will turn your dead grandma and grand-dads’ ashes into diamonds, so they can finally live out of the closet (and out of those cardboard boxes):

  7. Eric says:

    I think it would be a good idea for you guys to post a picture of Jon when he leaves the podcast, because I’m dying to know what you guys look like, and quite honestly, I think it’d be a good idear.

  8. chris says:

    crate and barrel gift cards may be purchased online.
    happy birthday, deena!

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