DTWF #44 – Paris Hilton at the IMAX, Last Dance, and Cleveland rocks!

It is hot as hell here in Chicago, making us wonder if Harpreet might stop by for a visit. The Gay Games are in full gear, and not just the ones being played on Craigslist!

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3 Responses to “DTWF #44 – Paris Hilton at the IMAX, Last Dance, and Cleveland rocks!”

  1. Tristine says:

    I’m honored to have my howdy-do fucked up by the one and only Jon. I’m gonna miss you! Justin, your impression of my bird saying noj almost made me piss myself. Sadly, it does sound a bit like that and he wont shut up so at two in the morning, listening to you guys is the only thing that keeps me from ripping my ears off. 🙂
    Keep up the great work guys. You also get me through phisical therepy with a smile on my face (and a strange look from the therepist)

  2. Great podcast, loving it again.

    And no more burning in hell for random people. It felt…odd…and as tho it wasn’t deservED. The backstory makes for a good burnin’.

    BTW, next time Justin, you might wanna drop the cheesecake and pick up a carrot or something…ya know…the healthy look. Cuz the boys go for that..mm..mm..good. Not that I would’ve done that, I just would’ve continued sucking down that chocolate covered ANYTHING! hehe

    Oh and…gotta love the str8 guy grope or…whatever. He falls asleep and your hands wander, with your eyes shut, trying to determine if he’s asleep or not..hehe. I remember those days when I was a lil kid.

    So…if I were to do giftcards, what are the locations of purchase…interest… I know Deena is Crate ‘n Barrel, and I’m guessing Justin would like Best Buy, does that mean Jon would prefer Hickory Farms??

    Looking for another great episode next week.

    Off to my streamers ‘n poppers ‘n lube…

  3. Spencer says:

    Hey!, if you’re free this friday night, i hope you can make it to see my one-man show, Correctional Fluids, at the Bailiwick! Bruce Vilanch and Ant are coming, and i’m hoping i can get as many friends and gay chicago bloggers in the audience as possible. There are still tickets! Bailiwick, friday night, 9:30 PM, 773-883-1090. HOPE YOU CAN COME! 🙂

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