DTWF #41 – Sex with Charlie (horse), the 1980’s iPod, and songs by and about women

Happy Pride!

11 Responses to “DTWF #41 – Sex with Charlie (horse), the 1980’s iPod, and songs by and about women”

  1. Jeremy says:

    I want a howdy do! just kidding… please don’t ban me from the blog 🙂
    I’ll miss your stories Jon- I’m down now (insert joke here)

  2. I loved your show, I always do. You 3 are hilarious. And I, too, have got a charlie horse during sex. My husband thought he was SUPERMAN, but, alas, just a cramp. Ha ha ha
    Kisses on your butthole! Gina

  3. Peter says:

    Great show as usual!

    What does John’s impending move mean for the future of DTWF? I can’t envisage life without you guys…*wipes tears away*

  4. chris says:

    you should eat before you podcast next time. only 40 minutes? what’s that about, bitches?

  5. Sarah says:

    It takes longer than that to record I assume…40 minutes is AFTER it’s been edited.

    The day you guys do a shitty podcast is the day I shove my birdcage up my ass. You’re always funny.

  6. Bob says:

    Jon, please giggle more. It’s adorable! 😉

  7. Deena says:

    You’d be surprised how little editing is actually done. Justin pretty much throws the music on either end and tacks on the intro. Other than that the “body”, if you will, (and even if you won’t) is as recorded. He used to spend time taking out the throat clearnings (Jon) and the transitional “so”s (me). Now he just yells at us if we do it too much. He also looks at the EEG (that’s what the shit looks like) for places where our levels are too loud, and might take it down a notch so your ears don’t bleed. But not always. That’s really it, though. I challenge you and your friends to have a conversation that goes 40 minutes without turning completely boring 🙂 Love you *rub rub* Glad to see the revival of comment posting.

  8. Justin says:

    What Deena said…

    To Sarah’s point, though, we spend about an hour and a half each time we record. There’s plenty of planning before the mics are hot and the usual weekly “bidness” that we need to do. As you might expect, we spend a decent amount of time being completely unproductive and giggling to ourselves, too.

    Our target time is actually about 40 min, to keep all you ADD bitches from tuning us out! Most of the time, though, we’re really bad about sticking to it.

  9. chris says:

    i guess i know what it takes to get everyones attention!
    sarah and her birdcage have nothing to worry about. keep up the good work, bitches!

  10. Sarah says:

    ^^lol. I’d take my bird out first anyway. He doesn’t need to suffer.

  11. Y’all should really eat more potassium (e.g. bananas) and drink plenty of water. You’d have considerably less charlie horses!

    Also, the eBay story was creepy as shit.

    Thanks for the howdy-do I received a couple of podcasts back, and back to you!

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