DTWF #40 – Pissing across the pond, Deena hates…, and still life with penis

An especially British episode.. enjoy!

6 Responses to “DTWF #40 – Pissing across the pond, Deena hates…, and still life with penis”

  1. Butch says:

    Hey this is Butch

    Even though I’m straight, I wanted to know that I dig your queer little show. Deena sounds like she has big tits.

    I was just wondering if Justin or Jon would like a picture of my cock. I ain’t gay or nothing… but I just.. I um… fuck, do you want a picture of my cock or not?!

    love yer show… how ’bout them red socks


  2. Jay says:

    Found a new Sangria recipe of the ros and tequilla presuasion that you gotta get your ass up here to try! OH damn it’s more fun than FUN DIP!

  3. Tracy says:

    Ran into your podcasts…you guys are great! Lived near Boystown for 15 yrs. Moved to the ‘burbs 2 ys ago. Great to hear all the stories!! Brings back old times for me!

  4. Patrick says:

    Justin: here-here to no raw tomatoes! I have never liked raw tomatoes, and I have to constantly ask for their exclusion where ever I go. I notice that quite frequently if I order something and tell them hold the tomato in the main course, the kitchen staff will still place a tomato slice on the salad. I used to think it was pretty much only me who doesn’t like raw tomatoes, but I have met a LOT of kindred spirits who can’t stand the disgusting slime and gag-reflex-triggering flavour from these deceptive pieces of fruit constantly trying to pass off as vegetables. Burn in hell, tomatoes, BURN IN HELL!!

  5. Creepy Lesbo says:

    The reason most London theatres and the underground don’t have air conditioning because of the cost of converting such old (and usually listed buildings) to accommodate all the pipes and systems. They have looked into it numerous times – because believe me, the British want air conditioning in the tube as much as anyone – but so far it’s had too many problems. Our mayor did put a ‘reward’ out to any company which could design an air conditioning system for the Underground but clearly none have been successful yet. Most of the theatres are incredibly old and simply don’t have the funding to have such huge-scale renovations – and if they are listed then there are various restrictions on what they can and can’t do in regards to changing the buildings.
    As for ice in the drinks – we have ice! The beer isn’t ‘warm’ – it’s served usually at 12 degrees C because “it relies on subtler flavours than that of other nations, and these are brought out by serving it at a temperature that would make other beers seem harsh.” It’s chilled but not frozen as that would damage the flavours. Of course some would argue that the USA make their beers so cold because they all taste crap….
    But usually I find the temperature will depend on where you’re drinking it and what you’ve ordered.

  6. Jay says:

    I completely agree with Creepy Lesbo that the beer needs to be served chilled so one can appreciate the subtle flavours but when good beer isn’t around then when I have to drink that “other crap” it better be near frozen so I can get it down my throat! 😉

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