DTWF #37 – Pyrex dildos, earwax buffet, and dead grandma coffee

Summer is officially here! We would have posted this last night, but Justin started drinking at about 3:00 and never stopped.

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  1. Jay says:

    You mean 3:00pm on Friday right?

  2. Jay says:

    Just a few comments:

    Check out these http://priape.ca/eng.asp?s=12&c=105&sc=515.

    I just peed in my shower! Felt great!

    My best friend once peed in my sink when we were drunk on New Years Eve. We were so drunk and she couldn’t make it upstairs – but in retrospect she could get her ass up on my kitchen counter but not up the stairs.

    Apparently ear wax is good for cold sores – go figure.

    Go outside with wet hair – and lowering your body temperature has some physiological data that will support that this behaviour will make you more vulnerable to sickness.

    Think about this – when the body gets cold it stops sending blood to your extremities. Your blood acts as a conduit for your immune system. Less blood? Less antibodies. Just a thought.

    Anyway off to drink more Guinness! Later bitzes!

  3. Jo (formly) in Baton Rough says:

    This was by far the grossest podcast to date. Funny all the same though. Miss Deena, Lipton is now owned by Unilever and Lipton Brisk brand is owned by Pepsi Co. Stay fabulous 😉

  4. brooks says:

    hello i have to say I love your podcast it’s funney in your unique way what the hell it’s the best and your topic they just crack me say stay the same
    Jon Deena Justin luv u guy’s


  5. funny show guys… glad to hear you don’t pee in the sink (even if you were tall enough to!)

  6. mike hipp says:

    Enjoyed the show today guys…. thanks for the shout out too!

    on the DTWF coverage on the soup… I try! I really try to get Justin and Jon right!

  7. DeeDee says:

    I always want to comment, but I feel that I have nothing interesting to say…Ok I was right.
    But I will say, two shows in one week? Fun for me!!!

  8. Paul says:

    Scary…I was just on Castro this past weekend and saw the dildo in question. I do believe that it is solid, and yes, it had the veins. I did not check to see if it was dishwasher/microwave safe. But you would’ve loved the shop and all their other medical accoutremens (spelled as pronounced, sans accent), they had a number of utensils and whatnot that I believe should only be used on women/livestock, or some unholy combination of the two…maybe I’ll take a picture of it next time, if you are not familiar.

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