DTWF #32 – Tension rods, bath hall fun, and poor kids’ Christmas

Every week we find a way to fit the same amount of humor into an even longer show! We do our first “crank call” on the air when we return a cryptic voicemail involving bathhouse services. We talk about nasty body functions, Justin’s trouble escaping the country, and Deena’s upcoming move. Don’t miss this episode!

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17 Responses to “DTWF #32 – Tension rods, bath hall fun, and poor kids’ Christmas”

  1. Drew says:

    Phone calls…good idea…prank or not.

    Piece out

  2. Dan says:

    Hey guys. Never posted before but had to make two comments.

    1. This video is funny, but the Cameltoe song by Fannypack is funny. Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3I64m0x6wI.

    2. I made a scene at my office because I couldn’t stop laughing picturing Justin’s face as he discovered the hair was attached to his boss’s neck!!! 🙂

    I’m only twenty minutes into this week’s podcast, but couldn’t wait to post comments.

    You guys rock!

  3. Dan says:

    Ok, I’m a jackass…that first point was supposed to say that Fannypack’s song is funnier. My first post and I screwed it up! I feel so close to Jon right now.

    Great show this week…You’re always funny, but this was probably your best in weeks! Keep it up.


  4. al & fabio says:

    Fnniestpodcast in weeks? i have to heard that, i havent heard this podcast,im in a recovery program and im forcing myself to hold it the longest i can, so im listeming to this podcast tomorrow. just have to tell you “JUSTIN,DEENA,JON” that my hubby (fabio) used to live in west holliwood,and he and our girlfriend “cody” were drinking all night ,so after the party they went to have some “taquitos” (we use to go to that place ,is goood!!) and while they where there “drew barrymore” shows up to have some dinner to!!!! and what this pair of drunking morons did? they where so drunk that they coulndt remember any of the recent movies she did. so they told her ” drew we love you in E.T. ” ………LOL everytime he told me the history ,or we go to have dinner there i almost pee………………….. just one of my histories byee bitches!!! and who’s

  5. al & fabio says:

    fellas!!!! i try…god knows ,i fucking try .
    but i couldnt sleep,knowing that i have a full new episode .so here i am at 1:00 am listen and trying to not lauhg out loud. cause the kids were sleeping. dammmm you !!!! you are going to hell . why you do this to me , i need to sleep ,so i can be fresh in the morning . the video? just grosse i never see ,so many pussies in all my life……yuck!!

  6. Sergio says:

    for those who lack a real camel toe, here’s a remedy: the camel toe cup!


  7. Robert berry says:

    Hilarious episode. I was laughing my ass off at that phone call.

    But Jon, I swear to God I wanted to punch you in the head for botching the perfect prank call opportunity. What the hell dude? 🙂

  8. DTWF JON says:

    As my friend Andrea is fond of saying, “I’m hot not clever”.

  9. al & fabio says:

    yes you are hot!!!!!! guys? whenyou gonna come to LA,CAlifornia, when you gonna start doing ” MEET &GREET ” PARTY’S

  10. Eric says:

    HAHA. I have been talking more and more like you guys, and you know what, people like me more. I’m funnier. That’s a plus!

  11. Sarah says:

    Prank calls… VERY funny. I vote yes yes yes.

  12. Robert berry says:

    That’s OK Jon. You are still tops in my book.

    The BOOK of DORKS!

    Hee heee heee!

  13. gabecaby says:

    Man…You guys have to be one of the best PodCasts around! I must say that I laugh so much listening to your show. When I am on my way to work I put ya guys on to make the day that much better and I end of laughing and everyone thinks that I am crazy or something because I am laughing uncontrollably…Anyway, prank calls are the best…but definately along with you HowdyDo’s a call to an unsuspecting soul would be flippin’ awesome! And I love the fact that you guys make fun of Jon’s mom and call her a lesbian because I say the same thing about my mom…In fact for christmas a couple years ago as a mean joke I bought her a tool belt and a power tool!

    thanks for the laughs…


  14. Paul says:

    Great show guys, the highlight of every week and a reason to hook up the pod to the computer. Actually listened to it twice this week, just cuz I wanted to make sure that I got every nook and cranny…hehe

  15. Superintendant Working the Halls…

    I went to Starbucks this morning to get our morning coffee and as the elevator door opened I was right in front of the Superintendants office, which was closed and there was a sign in the window.
    Superintendant Working the Halls
    I tried to get a pic…

  16. Patrick says:

    Re: fonts

    How about we make some shirts that say “Sans Comic Sans”. Or register sanscomicsans.com. It’s a horrible font, and it should burn in hell with Harpreet.

    And here’s some Mac-trivia (particularly for Justin) but I’m sure all youse font snobs will appreciate it: Chicago (as hideous as it is now) was the very first proportional font on the Macintosh. It was originally called “Elefont” and was designed by Susan Kare (http://www.kare.com/). Susan and another original Mac developer, Andy Hertzfeld) originally met in high school in suburban Philadelphia, so as more fonts were created, they were named after stops on the Paoli Local commuter train. Steve Jobs stopped by the software group one afternoon, and asked about these names. He felt that cities were okay, but “not little cities that nobody’s heard of.” In insisted on world class cities, and so Elefont was renamed to Chicago, and the other fonts were renamed to other cities like New York, San Francisco, Venice, etc.

    For more, interesting (and perhaps more interesting) Mac stories about how the Macintosh came to be, read “Revolution in the Valley” by Andy Hertzfeld, or visit http://folklore.org/ — be warned though, you will achieve a new level of geekdom if you do!


    Patrick from Vancouvah

  17. Suzanne in San Francisco, CA, USA says:


    I get the SAME yucky feeling when I hear crank calls. You could have gone with the bath house theme but I probably would’ve done the same thing since I feel so bad when I hear crank calls I wouldn’t want to subject someone else to them.

    Oh, btw, for regular radio crank calls the “crankees” have to agree to have their voice on the radio (in CA it would be ok to broadcast video w/o sound) or they can sue, etc., and will win.

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