DTWF #28 – Bread bag lunch, Android’s Dungeon, and riding the pink eye express

Through the wonders of modern technology, the gang is all together. Deena joins us via satellite from sunny (and muggy) Orlando. More stories of being a poor kid, thousands of uses for plastic bread sacks, and the exciting new changes to the Chicago L!

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  1. al & fabio says:

    Hey bitches!!! im here again,my laptop was crashing and turning off all the weekend.but i manage to download the episode,i have to tell you guys ,it was a good idea to have DEENA at the phone,to complement the “trio” is just not the same without her,i have to confess that whenever she was not talking, i was imagine her “getting ready for bed” while at the phone……..

  2. Jeremy says:

    Hey you three,

    Glad to see that you are keeping up your end by delievering the good stuff. The stories about the bag lunches and the bread bags in the shoes made me laugh out loud again! Anyway, great to hear Deena’s voice again as she is my fav. Keep it up and look forward to your stores from the road in Baton Rouge and New Orleans!

  3. Justin says:

    Jeremy.. Jon and I try very hard to provide quality filler between the times when Deena talks. Look for exciting new episodes where we remain completely silent as not to distract from the real entertainment!

  4. Matthew says:

    Filler? Surely the word “connector” is far more appropriate. Without wanting to suck up, I like all three of you equally!

    So, you guys ended up by chance being my cherry-popping Podcasters (I liked the icon) only on Sunday of this week. Since then, I managed to lose a whole weekend-day (well, what was left) and almost a two full work days listening to you comically talk nonsense. Is this your plan to take over the world?

    Plus, how come no trips aboard? I for one would queue up to purchase cocktails. For a while, anyway. Probably not worth the expense, right?

    (PS – think yourselves lucky! Where I come from we had to order “hot lunches” a week in advance in “grade school”!)

  5. al & fabio says:

    justin!!! i been trying to find gift cards from “steamworks” but aparently those must be very popular cause i cant find any,i was “surrrfing on the web,and i find this video and instantly take me to that hole in the wall ( gym ) where you were humilliated……….http://www.dipvideos.com/funny_videos/177.please if is not funny dont blame me…..

  6. DeeDee says:

    I tried to leave you a high rank on Itunes, but they would not let me unless I gave them my credit card. I am sorry. Your still number one to me 🙂

  7. Paul says:

    yay, finally I’m only like 4 days behind on commenting this one. What can I say, I have to wait until something momentous comes along that justifies listening to such gems. (wow, I think I just made myself sick writing that). I’m working on my disenguousity as you may be able to tell, as well as my spellification.

    But I digress, just left you a review and rank on itunes, I’m willing to give up the digits unlike some folks *cough cough* 😀

    Anyway, enjoyed the podcast this week, had me laughing out loud at work, to the point where people were peering in the cubie and wondering what I’d taken and if they could have any.

    Oh and btw, Deena, the laughing sequence, HI-Larry-Us. I love the fact that you guys kept talking, getting her to laugh more and more until the squeaking disappeared entirely and she was almost gasping for breath.

    That is all


  8. Eric Burt says:

    This is still one of my favorite episodes…it was the first one I ever heard! Oh I can’t believe I’ve been listening to you guys for just over two years! Insanity I tell you!

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