DTWF #22 – Tea-bagging with Sleepytime Bear, ketchup is zero points, and leaving Las VeGAS

Backstreet’s back, and so are we! We’re back in the studio and bringing you an all-new episode. Denver, Albuquerque, Las Vegas… we have stories from all over these great States!

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  1. Eddie says:

    Welcome back guys and gal!

    Oh, oh. I think you mean “The Wiggles” as being the Australian kids entertainers. Did you know Anthony – the blue one from The Wiggles – was voted as Australian bachelor of the year a few years back.

    Get better soon Deena. Gotta love the husky voice though!



  2. Andrums says:

    Hey JJD: (It’s almost like WWJD?)

    I am so glad that ya’ll made it back to Chi town safely. We here in the Mormonville or as we say Salt Lake Shitty love your podcast! I think the new PBS show that you were talking about is Zobomafoo? Anyways keep on podcasting!

    Salt Lake Shitty


    JON!!!! Yuou screw my howdy do!!! AL is fro alfonso,im the one from mexico,mi hubby is from colombia,but he was raised in chcago since he was 3. good for you!!!!! nobody makes a mess like you….lol glad your back guys,i love y’all

  4. Jason says:

    So I was down in the “village” this afternoon. I use “” because what this sorry town calls a village makes me want to cry or laugh – or maybe laugh until I cry.

    Anyway I was sitting in the KFCs (left out the ‘ for Deena) eating my greasy chicken tits and listening to the podCast and burst out laughing, almost choked on my chicken (go ahead make comments here) when this NOT AT ALL passable Tranny walked in.

    Sure enough the “shim” thought I was laughin at “shim” – well that was a pretty site – was waiting for “shim” to come over and tell me to sit still while “shim” scratched my eyes out.

    Great podCast kids! Great to have you back – even though I did enjoy the “best of” episodes!

  5. Mark says:

    I don’t want to sound ungrateful, because your show is great. And I don’t want to sound like i’m wingeing because (a) I might just be deaf; or (b) my headphones might be shit because I play my iPod so damn loud: but the show seems to have become inaudible.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    Maybe it’s another way in which aussie iTunes is problemmatic.


  6. Sam says:

    Hey Kids,
    So I have been listening to you since the first two episodes appeared on i-tunes. I have to listen everyweek I’m addicted! But anyhow I’m very glad you guys are back. Feel better Deena. Also I just got my boyfriend to start listening and he loves it too. I enjoy your humor and your podcast never gets boring. Keep up the good work we enjoy getting the new episodes.
    Love you guys
    Sam from Parker, Colorado
    Age 20
    would love to email.

  7. Michael says:

    New listener. I sent an e-mail already but I wanted to comment too. (guess I’m on over achiever) I LOVE your podcast. I have been listening to some of the older podcasts too and I have been laughing for hours now. Keep it up!
    Much love,
    Baton Rouge, LA

  8. Mother Superior: “Sister Maria, if you were walking through town at night, and were accosted by a man with bad intentions, what would you do?”

    “I would lift my habit, Mother Superior.”

    Mother Superior (shocked): “And what would you do next?”

    Sister Maria: “I would tell him to drop his trousers.”

    Mother Superior (even more shocked): “And what then?”

    Sister Maria: “I would run away. I can run much faster with my habit up than he can with his trousers down.”

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