Best of Drink ’til We’re Funny! – Volume 2

This is our second installment of the best of DTWF. Deena and Justin are living it up in Las Vegas right now, but we will return next week with an all-new episode!

4 Responses to “Best of Drink ’til We’re Funny! – Volume 2”

  1. Robert Berry says:

    I love revisiting this stuff, these “Best of” episodes are great!

    Hey, also DTWF fans, if you’re really jonesing for a “new” episode, I have an episode length intreview with them at the link below that might thrill you, too.

    Just go to episode #61

  2. jeff says:

    Dears Lords and Lady,

    Your shows are almost continually responsible for me almost killing myself during my long commute.

    I must say that I can identify best with Jon, for I am also blessed with the gift of poor storytelling skills. Not only that, but I am prone to forgetting to whom I’ve already told my shoddily-crafted tales. I will often start a story only to have my friends hold up two fingers at me in a mock peace sign. This is to let me know that they’ve heard this story at least once before and know that it will suck again, just like it did the first time.

    Keep up the great work!
    jeff in Boston

  3. Jon says:

    I can honestly say that my friends don’t do anything like this to me, Jeff. They usually let me tell the story again and then tell me it sucked both times. At least this way, I get the satisfaction of telling a story and they get the satisfaction of telling me it sucked.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Great podcasts! The best of shows are wonderful and I am trying to catch up with the previous episodes, which are hot pussy by the way, and I really enjoy listening. I know I am not in the majority of your listening demographic, (I’m straight) but I still love your show and can not wait for a new episode with all of the stories and nojs or is it nojes? Hmm…let you decide since it is your show! Keep up the good work!

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