DTWF #18 – Jaspers the friendly gay bar, airline chat with Jason, and angry lesbian bouncers

Happy New Year! This week Justin, Deena, and Jon discuss rural gay bars and their clientele. Jason drops by to share some stories in Braille, and Deena again introduces enough profanity to make sure we earn our explicit warning!

Links: The Hampster Dance | BRink of Insanity Podcast

12 Responses to “DTWF #18 – Jaspers the friendly gay bar, airline chat with Jason, and angry lesbian bouncers”

  1. Barté says:

    We finally got a howdy do and for once, Joseph howdy didn’t! MOOOAHAHAHAHA *strokes black cat and sips foreign congac*

  2. JoSaxy says:

    Barte, do not be jealous of my THREE Howdy-Do. It’s not very ‘how you durrings’, and you do not have a black cat not sure on the foreign congac though-as you are a lush. Probably that domestic shit though. MOOOAHAHAHA Yo’ self.

  3. Barté says:

    JoSaxy: lovely comment
    JoSaxy: on dtwf
    brinkbart: mooooooahahahaha
    JoSaxy: oh don’t think I didn’t retaliate
    brinkbart: oh no =(
    brinkbart: wow, its acutally… kinda mean
    JoSaxy: mine?
    brinkbart: yeah
    JoSaxy: you know i wasnt
    JoSaxy: you didnt find it funny ?
    brinkbart: well if you woulda did some snaps or something
    brinkbart: i mean, it wasnt NOT funny
    JoSaxy: hold on let me fix it, whiney arse
    brinkbart: no dont touch it
    brinkbart: i want america to see how you treat me
    JoSaxy: lmao

  4. JoSaxy says:


    ~Jo in the Baton Rough

  5. JoSaxy says:


    ~Jo in the Baton Rough

  6. Taylor says:

    Ladies, ladies…calm yourselves and act in a civilized, respectable blog manner. After all, the howdy do was for me 🙂


  7. Colleen says:

    If you look up the hampster dance on iTunes now, it links to your podcast. Think of all the people that are going to download you now out of pure curiosity for the Hampster Dance! Your servers will probably be overloaded now with traffic.

    Maybe you should think about talking about Gwen Stefani, Fidy Cent, or some other ultra popular artist just so you get cross linked like crazy on iTunes.

    Great show this week.

  8. Scott says:

    I think the line-dancing type song you mentioned is called the ChaCha Slide or the Casper Slide.

    Another good line dancing song is The Madison, from the 60s, and its part of the Hairspray Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

  9. Congratulations you fabulous queens on another awesome show.

    God how i love you!

    Now, I Insist, although it will put me into Seven more yearsof therapy: PICTURES!



  10. David from Chicago says:

    No pictures! (reverse psychology)

    no, really

  11. wood says:

    we should start illustrating jon, justin, and deena in accordance with how we imagine them.

    *gets ideas*

    funny show, by the way. many hahas and hohos and hehes.

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