DTWF #12 – sweat stains for Jesus, shower surprise, and losing more than weight at the gym

We have a studio audience this week when Hilary, Heather, and Rachel pay us a visit! Justin describes for all the home of diversity– Pekin, Illinois. Everyone is happy that cake batter ice cream is back at Coldstone, except maybe Jon. Deena’s family dinners turn ugly, Justin works out on the treadmill of death, Jon can’t tell jokes (or get a word in edgewise), Chlamydia is not a flower, and everybody is burning in hell with Harpreet! BURN IN HELL HARPREET!

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8 Responses to “DTWF #12 – sweat stains for Jesus, shower surprise, and losing more than weight at the gym”

  1. Studio Audience member says:

    I still thought it was as funny the second time around! Please burn someone each week — Harpreet, Michael J. Fox, and Auntie Chris are looking for some friends. Thanks for letting us be part of the viewing audience!

  2. ella says:

    Here was me innocently washing the dishes when OMG I almost dropped a glass in the sink at the mention of me! 😀


    Almost got dishwater on my uniform!

  3. Another great show! Keep up the great work!

    I am telling everyone about your show and they love the title!

  4. Nate says:

    where the hell is my next dtwf podcast. Its monday at ten o clock and i’m waiting. I cannot finish my monday without this. HELP!~ Harprit! Gandhi! Someone help!

  5. Jason says:

    So I was listening to this episode again – b’cause I was bored and TV was the $hits!

    Anyway I was reminded of my Grandma using the Treadmill that used to be in the basement of their house. They (my Grandparents thought it was a great idea for when it was ICY outside — no broken hips!).

    Anyway she would be down there when we would come over after school for “family dinner” and as we were watching TV, there she was in her polyester leisure suit, walking shoes with the bright red emergency coilled cored attached to her jacket — we used to giggle ourselves into fits.

  6. Paul says:

    Ok, I almost hurt myself at the mention of the episode with the treadmill. Thank god, I wasn’t at the treadmill at the time. However, I did drop the weights, and laughed loud. Which probably sounded stupid. I think will and grace was on, but that funny wore out years ago, so I think the other worker outer people, just thought I was crazy.

    Oh and in regards to the shoe fitting. If the shoe fits, it must be yours. =)

    And to answer the question of the day, since Justin suggested that I should…NO, cuz they’d pick a girl for sure.

  7. Scott says:

    Ok – I admit that I am still catching up on the podcasts, but I am dying to know about Harpreet. Who is/was she? Why do we all want her to burn in hell? Is Harpreet a she? Please, share.

  8. Anyone Go to Hell?…

    Today is 07 June 2006 – nothing apocolypitic appeared to happen in my corner of the world! Did anyone go to Hell and have some fun?
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