DTWF # 11 – coupons for every occasion, family bar fights, and “gurl days”

We’ll provide the coupons- and double them- on this weeks show as Justin, Deena, and Jon bring you vaginal episodes, rimming on other planets, and braille for deaf people– like Geordi LaForge. Groundskeeper Willie joins the crew for a special sing a longs and speaking of sing alongs and Levar Burton, the cheese and bacon loving kids perform their own special rendition of the Reading Rainbow theme. We hope you get it stuck in your head for an hour or so!

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11 Responses to “DTWF # 11 – coupons for every occasion, family bar fights, and “gurl days””

  1. Paul says:

    Ok, so haven’t listened to the show yet…saving it for excercise time tonight. But do I have to…really?….to know that it’ll be yet another great one.

    Oh and funny that you made that coupon comment. Just the other day I made a similar comment about a friend of mine….”I wouldn’t hit that, not even if I had double coupons”

    Ok, well, I’m off, can’t wait to listen to the new show tonight… 😉

  2. Steve says:

    Listened to the show guys- Thanks for getting the readign rainbow song stuck in my head. Keep up the great work- and brad and I are really excited about getting our hands on that fat tire!

  3. Joanna says:

    Very funny! Best Show Ever – Can’t stop thinking about Gurl Days

  4. Jon says:

    Thanks Joanna. I still can’t get the vision of that big black man wearing pantyhose out of my head. It’s most painful on Thursdays.

  5. Kiko says:

    WOW! Love, love, love your show! The chemistry between you guys is absolutely wonderful! Deena, your quick wit cracks me up!

    You three, remind me SO much of my roomates and me while when we were in school at Normal (ISU)!

    Keeping me in stitches…

    Visitronix Radio

  6. ella says:

    I laughed out loud at GURL DAY. 😀

    I’m sorry I spelt your name wrong in another comment Jon.

  7. Kevin says:

    Another awesome show guys! Wish I could have seen people’s faces that did not know what rimming was… that’s always a great thing to explain to someone for the first time 🙂

  8. Jason says:

    Many many years ago my best friend (a hair stylist) was cutting this guys hair, during the conversation he told her that he got the BEST rim job of his life over the weekend. He kept going on about it. She had NO idea (at the time) what a rim job was, so she just faked it and continued the conversation asking questions, without being too obvious of her ignorance, trying to figure out what a rim job was.

    So she went home that night – I was over for dinner and in the middle of dinner she announced that she wanted to know what a rim job was and how to get one.

    I just about choked on my roast beef laughing!

  9. Eddie says:

    Hi Fibre!

    Fantastic podcast guys! One of the funniest shows so far.

    I know at the next Sunday roast, someone is going to say:-
    “Can you pass the gravy please?”

    LOL. It certainly adds new meaning to that phrase!


    Eddie (Ed-ib-le)

  10. Sue says:

    You guys are hilarious! I’m listening at work, and I’ve been trying not to laugh out loud. The lady in the next cube thinks I’m off my nut. You are all so quick witted. Proud to have ya be from the northern Chicago burbs!!!

  11. Paul says:

    HI-larious…as always. Yes, I know I suck for taking so long to listen to this one, but you should be (ben hughes) proud, I got through 2.15 shows last night, during my excercising. And yet again, you guys caused me to drop the weights (not the weight..dammit)

    Oh and people from Connecticut like to be called Nects or Necties (not really, but it’s the first thing that popped into my head, when you guys mentioned it).

    And as far as bein’ hi-falootin. Can we have a way of measuring something’s falootin’ness… A scale to determine how falootin’ something is, exactly, would be most helpful.

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