DTWF #105 – MISSING: Punch Bowl, Justin’s Magnetometer, and Je m’appelle


Andrea is not with us on this snowy day in Chicago, but we manage to pull it off anyway. Justin talks about his latest medical contraption, Dan ran an 8k, and Deena shares more stories from bingo night. You won’t want to miss it!

9 Responses to “DTWF #105 – MISSING: Punch Bowl, Justin’s Magnetometer, and Je m’appelle

  1. Kenneth Kerr says:

    I am a newer listener from Chillicothe MO. You guys are so funny. keep em coming.

  2. jesse from cali says:

    woot another episode you guys freaking rock. it would be pretty cool if you guys had guess speakers. like bart again he was freaking awesome. well keep up the good work

  3. boomchikiboom says:

    i would have loved to hear u’z critic the MisAmeri Pageant. that would have been hilarious.

    why don’t you do a show critic of speeders or something, like the dvd commentary

  4. Nathan from D.C. (formerly of Chicago) says:

    “Burnt” is British, “burned” is American. They’re interchangeable, though each usually sounds better to each nation’s respective ears.

    Also, pick at nits, “etcetera” is derived from “et cetera”: saying “EX-cetera” is analogous to saying “EX-presso,” “EX-specially,” or “EX-scape.”

  5. Don says:

    Crazy don’t know crazy! – DTWF #85

    Deena said Andrea’s sexuality is “pretty much straight.” I would like more details on this subject, please.

    I’m a straightie who thinks Bill is a very lucky man.

    Love your buttholes, though I’m a little concerned about Dan’s.

  6. I would say the proper use of ‘burnt’ would mostly relate to a color, such as Burnt Sienna. Burned would more properly apply to the application of heat, fire, or some source of hotness that produces caramelization, blistering, charring, or third degree burns. Ouch!

  7. Bob74 says:

    Furthermore, we are talking about electronic money. ,

  8. driver65 says:

    Fathers and fatherhood are sorely lacking in the black community. ,

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