DTWF #100 – Challenging humor, Blagojedick, and eargasms


How distracted are we by our medical and employment issues? Distracted enough to not even realize we were recording our 100th episode! I think we’re supposed to celebrate or make a big deal of it somehow, but we didn’t.

We are recording on our bi-weekly schedule, but Justin still needs to get his ass (and his spine) in gear to publish them bi-weekly. No worries, we’re making a comeback! How can you help? TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

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4 Responses to “DTWF #100 – Challenging humor, Blagojedick, and eargasms”

  1. Hank says:

    yay it’s back. like backstreet.

  2. BM (Sydney) says:

    Yay – you guys are being so punctual with the updates. Especially great to her Andrea again. Looove her to bits!

  3. jesse from cali says:

    woot new episode <3 it is downloading right now so i dont know what it is about buy i bet it will be awesome. ^_^

  4. Matty V. says:

    Oh Dan… a break up voicemail is nothing. My ex-fiance of hoom I was engadged to for 8 months decided to break off everything in a 3 page txt. And then to further the stupidy and pain by telling me he was also cheating me with a a girl for three weeks before he broke everything off a few days later. So yeah. Enjoy the “break up” voicemail with a guy you only dated twice. Love you guys! Love your buttholes! And loving the new, punctual episoding. 🙂


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