DTWF #9 – “O” faces, book of questions, and more singing!

We’ve got a big show tonight. In this episode, we provide a Halloween wrap up. Deena reveals that there are multiple uses for Botox, Justin has some chiclets at Target, Chewbacca makes an appearance before visiting with Donald Trump, Jon makes a call to American Airlines, and of course, Howdy-dos!

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  1. mike hipp says:

    99% sure that the hot voicemail guy who called but didn’t leave his name… it’s Jimmy McBean.


    He did a podcast way back in the beginning, around December 04/January 05… but hasn’t done a show since like June.

    He’s a very sweet guy who works a lot…. he lives in Chicago, boystown I think.

    Enjoyed the show!

  2. Jon says:

    I think I like him better as a Ryan. Does that make me controlling?

  3. Justin says:

    I feel like such a doofus! I listened to Relish Radio back in the day and have been e-mailing with Jimmy.. shhh, don’t tell him I didn’t recognize his voice. 😉

  4. mike hipp says:

    Don’t feel bad Justin
    (copy justin’s comment)

    I understand, you haven’t heard his voice in awhile
    (paste into gmail to jimmy mcbean)

    You have a show to run, how could you be expected to remember your listeners voices!

  5. Justin says:

    Hey, what happened to the nice Hipp boy I knew? I try hard to remember voices.. so I should get a little bit of slack every once in a while… I’ll make it up to Jimmy.. 😉

  6. Paul says:

    Wow, now I need to leave a voicemail, so you can learn and subsequently forget my voice. Especially if you offer to make it up afterwards…hehe

  7. Paul says:

    BTW, awesome show once again. Great chatting with Deena the other day, I felt like I was talking to a celeb, it was great.

    Oh and I’m afraid of Jon’s “O” face now…hehe…your description was….hrmm…interesting. 😉

    Oh and Deena, be happy at being Chewbacca, if you’d lived in the south you would’ve been his Princess Leia(sp?).

  8. Jon says:

    Well (and I’ll bring this up on the show) I’m reminded now that I actually laugh when the going gets going good. As for Deena’s rearing…she did live in a red state for a while.

  9. Paul says:

    Ohh…I’m so sorry Deena…I didn’t know… 🙁

    Laughing? hmm…and how does the bf deal with that…it has to be (ben hughes) distracting.

  10. Truly love ya’lls show. The dynamic between the three of you is strong and wonderful to listen to. I can always count on your podcast to bring a chuckle!!!!

  11. Cool to see another Chicago podcast. Keep up the great work. You can check out my Chicago podcast at http://www.chihookah.com

  12. Helianthe says:

    I was recently turned on to your show by my bf Brian and I love you guys. Although I’ve been playing catch up on the previous 9 casts. B and I think you guys rock and relate so much to the dynamics in your relationships. Keep up the funny!! oohh and my favorite drink ….Seabreeze

  13. Ego says:

    Recently discovered podcasting when I got me an iPod for ‘stmas and yours was one of the first I latched on to. By far, the American Airlines segment on this edition is my favorite. 53 seconds of joy for me. The people on the Metra must have thought I was insane. Laughing so hard I could almost not breathe. Thanks for your service.

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