DTWF #8 – Kiosh and Carry, Country Hoedown, and That One Bitch at the Guitar Center

Those wacky government cheese eating kids at DTWF have returned to the Greater Metro Chicagroland Area to bring you tonight’s show. On this week’s show, lesbians will make you wanna Swoope. Justin will explain high-speed friendships while he takes a trip to P-town for a hot cup of Joe, Deena will purchase snowballs before it’s even cold outside, and Jon finally listens to podcasts.

5 Responses to “DTWF #8 – Kiosh and Carry, Country Hoedown, and That One Bitch at the Guitar Center”

  1. Marshal says:

    I am going to flick my “man bean” while I listen to this episode… why? Because its Halloween and I am crazy.



  2. Clayton - Germantown, MD says:

    Just got into listening to this podcast thang & love your show. You guys are literate (uhh… that means you read & stuff) and clever and have great chemistry. It makes me want to caress my snowballs, plug in my USB, and out the entire WNBA!

  3. Paul says:

    Another amazing one. I only have one complaint….umm…it’s called Drink ‘Til We’re Funny, and I have yet to have to drink to accomplish that…and I want to drink dammit… 😉

    Oh, and one of these days I’ll learn, and won’t listen to your Podcast while working out, since I end up laughing out loud while people look at me weird, and usually end up having to quickly put the weights down for fear of dropping them.

    Love You!

  4. Jason says:

    Do what I do instead – listen when you are on the bus — when you laugh out loud people move away and let you sit by yourself.

    Can’t take credit for that one though — J, J and D came up with that idea for me…..


  5. SpyderWeb136 says:

    Hey love your this is your favourite de-caf tranny checking in….I love you all!! My question to you all is I cant tell the two of you fags apart. But one of you you sounds like one of those Christian Republican fags!! Is it true?? Love you and suck much dick!! Stay Fabliss!!

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