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DTWF #90 – You Don’t Know Crap From Applebutter, Dan’s a Dirty Bitch II, and OMG There’s a Crabcake on My Knee! (Love in Christ)

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

I feel a little like Oprah introducing this show. Now Dan and Andrea have been with us for quite a while and they are a great addition (your opinion may vary).

Well, we thought we would do something a little different this week… are you ready for it? Are you sure you can handle it?

DEENA IS A GUEST ON THE SHOW (in my best screaming “everyone’s getting a car!” voice)!!!!!

Deena graced us with her presence (and we graced her with our presents) at the celebration of her marriage. We love you SO much that we schlepped the mobile studio all the way out to the suburbs just to give you the chance to hear her biting wit again.

Enjoy this episode.. we’re still going strong, even if our refractory period is a little longer than it used to be (we’re just not 18 anymore).

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