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DTWF #27 – Deena’s gay marriage, dropping the f-bomb, and always check the fine print

Sunday, March 26th, 2006

Together again and bringing you 25% more show this week at no additional charge! Deena shares stories from North Carolina, Justin discusses the dangers of taking a cab in Chicago, and Jon gives us an update on his Weight Watchers progress. This podcast will cost you 2 points.

Links: The llama song!

DTWF #26 – Ass bag tea, changing room surprise, and I heart-love NY

Monday, March 20th, 2006

Spring has sprung, and we’re feeling the fever. This week Deena is on the road, so join Justin and John for an episode sans Deena. Like a sandwich with no tomato, you’ll notice something missing but still eat it anyway. Next week the full gang will be back in da house.

Thanks to all of your support, DTWF is now a featured podcast on iTunes.. welcome to our new iTunes listeners!

DTWF #25 – Pubic contracts, blackjack-handed compliments, and wet dream analysis

Sunday, March 12th, 2006

Busy, busy.. the kids are globetrotting again this week, but we’re never too busy to bring you a weekly dose of fun! Wet dreams, cock pictures, and gambling top the list of this week’s sins.

Links: Wife contract

DTWF #24 – All skate at the Chink Rink, the fall of Deena, and Justin is gonorrhea-free

Sunday, March 5th, 2006

We unveil a new segment.. Deena’s neuroses! Find out what deathly fears (rational and irrational) scare her daily. Justin gets a check-up at his new gay doctor, and we fondly remember our days at the skating rink.

We’ve gotten some feedback on the volume of the podcast recently.. please let me know if this show is better. Thanks!