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DTWF #12 – sweat stains for Jesus, shower surprise, and losing more than weight at the gym

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

We have a studio audience this week when Hilary, Heather, and Rachel pay us a visit! Justin describes for all the home of diversity– Pekin, Illinois. Everyone is happy that cake batter ice cream is back at Coldstone, except maybe Jon. Deena’s family dinners turn ugly, Justin works out on the treadmill of death, Jon can’t tell jokes (or get a word in edgewise), Chlamydia is not a flower, and everybody is burning in hell with Harpreet! BURN IN HELL HARPREET!

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DTWF # 11 – coupons for every occasion, family bar fights, and “gurl days”

Monday, November 21st, 2005

We’ll provide the coupons- and double them- on this weeks show as Justin, Deena, and Jon bring you vaginal episodes, rimming on other planets, and braille for deaf people– like Geordi LaForge. Groundskeeper Willie joins the crew for a special sing a longs and speaking of sing alongs and Levar Burton, the cheese and bacon loving kids perform their own special rendition of the Reading Rainbow theme. We hope you get it stuck in your head for an hour or so!

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DTWF #10 – 10th episode extravaganza, poo dollars, and southside gays

Sunday, November 13th, 2005

Get ready for bed this week as Jon, Deena, and Justin bring you a lively debate about which is better� puff guards or pop! filters. On tonight�s show, Deena recounts her experiences with Mr. PooPoo, we send a tenth episode �hug� out to Harpreet, Justin and Jon finally demystify themselves, we bring you howdy-dos and for the first time, you�ll hear a medley of three doofuses! How delicious!

DTWF #9 – “O” faces, book of questions, and more singing!

Monday, November 7th, 2005

We’ve got a big show tonight. In this episode, we provide a Halloween wrap up. Deena reveals that there are multiple uses for Botox, Justin has some chiclets at Target, Chewbacca makes an appearance before visiting with Donald Trump, Jon makes a call to American Airlines, and of course, Howdy-dos!